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  1. Just Ordered Cox HD DVR
  2. COX Digital line up town by town
  3. Cox Selling off a very big chunk of their markets...
  4. What is everone paying COX for internet?
  5. [COX] Hampton Roads, VA - Cox
  6. Northern VA - Cox added PBSHD
  7. Problems with the COX HDTV DVR
  8. Anyone have the manual for the Cox DVR "universal remote"?
  9. Backups with a Cox 6412 HD-DVR
  10. Cox Cable HD
  11. Cox Cable In Las Vegas Sucks
  12. Cox Sells Some Systems to Cebridge
  13. COX will launch MTV-HD on debut day on 1/16/2006
  14. Is COX HD in HD Lite or the full resolution?
  15. [COX] Idea For List Of COX CABLE-LAS VEGAS Channels To Add - Mods Please Read
  16. COX Connecticut ads UHD
  17. Cox Is this a real option? Your thoughts p[lease!!!
  18. MHD on Cox
  19. Cox Cables now has Digital Simulcast of analog channels
  20. Cox cable remote code for Onkyo AV recvr?
  21. Any code for Outlaw 1050 receiver?
  22. DCT6412 time synchronization
  23. Major upgrade of Cox San Diego's DVR Firmware
  24. Will COX add ESPNHD2 in Oklahoma?
  25. Higher Internet speed COX cable e-mail - Orange County, CA
  26. back up DVR 6416 to laptop or ipod?
  27. Cox to offer Tivo
  28. Cox New Orleans Scrambles HD Local Chs
  29. Cable Boxes
  30. INHD vs INHD2
  31. Can a PVR508 from Dish be used w/ Cox
  32. VOD in Phoenix
  33. Cox Communications will no long carry the local ABCHD
  34. I have COX HSI and split the cable to my TV. worked for 2 years now the cable is out
  35. New CT channels starting 11-21
  36. New HD channels for RI
  37. Fox and/or CBS in HD
  38. Another Cox Unisal Remote Code Quest
  39. TVGOS gone
  40. Help! My condo is daisy chained!
  41. NBC & FOX HD Channels to be added in Hampton Roads??
  42. 8300HD STB & Internal Volume
  43. Cox announces $3 per month rate increase
  44. All Dig & Analog simulcast now?
  45. PC QAM tuners
  46. QAM Channels Las Vegas
  47. Cox and LIN make nice
  48. premiums in HD problems
  49. Cox Phoenix now has Natl. Geographic HD
  50. ABC gets COX to disable Fast Forward during ads on VOD

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