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  1. Scott's Take on VOOM
  2. havn.t posted in awhile..it's sad
  3. Maybe I am stupid......input welcome
  5. Not happy with Voom & don't expect much
  6. What channels are you most desperate for Voom to add?
  7. Is there any chance to get rid of the land phone line requirement
  8. VOOM Customer Service Representatives
  9. Some installers taking DVI cable from Voom box and selling on EBAY
  10. VOOM is HDTVs Future..!!!
  11. Any Bonehead Installers Pull this One on You?
  12. Finally Cancelled
  13. Installs Inc. private contractors
  14. Installation
  15. Answer on VOOM Customer Service
  16. Just got voom installed
  17. Voom vs. Direct sucks!
  18. Cancelled on the 25th of June...but no sign of uninstallation.
  19. Any ETA on new VOOM Software?
  20. Dish upgrade question
  21. Installed Finally!
  22. Think you have it bad...
  23. What locals channels are you able to get with your antenna through Voom?
  24. Why Voom is Doomed - one customers saga
  25. One unhappy and frustrated camper (long)
  26. MY OTA Fiasco
  27. Install's Inc. cancelled my antenna upgrade?
  28. Should Voom allow to sell and activate 2nd hand units?
  29. WTF?? Voom wants $200 to rent an additional box
  30. Anyone else...
  31. Omg...
  32. AMEX says VOOM may disconnect
  33. Would you keep Voom on Jan. 1st if...
  34. VOOM charged me for "waived" installation fee.
  35. doom for voom(ny post) monday we will know
  36. Voom’s Price Hike
  37. Better than cable?! Oooo yeah
  38. 3 Months Of Voom Is All I Can Take
  39. OT but i have to yell
  40. That's it! See ya! (Wouldn't want to be ya!)
  41. I think it's time I say goodbye...
  42. Hey! I'm not leaving!
  43. Why should you stay with (or subscribe to) Voom
  44. Why Sears is a bad rep for VoOM
  45. PQ comparison of HDTivo & Voom question
  46. Looks like no Voom for the next few days in NJ
  47. If your leaving voom...
  48. Volume Control for Voom STB Needed
  49. Voom and OTA
  50. Voom charged me 3300.00

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