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  1. Verizon TV Service big news:
  2. Verizon to become next HD leader?
  3. Some questions I sent to Verizon re their TV service
  4. Verizon has a deal with Starz:
  5. Verizon Signs Agreement with A&E Television Networks
  6. Verizon has deal with Showtime
  7. 12 NBC cable channels is a lock with Verizon
  8. Is there a website for Verizon TV service?
  9. Verizon Signs Additional Programming Deals
  10. Verizon Adds NFL Network to Expanding List of Content Agreements
  11. Verizon settlement:
  12. Verizon Tv on Long Island
  13. Fiber to the Rich?
  14. WealthTV Signs Affiliate Agreement With Verizon
  15. pics of verizon fios setup
  16. VIOS will be along time coming for TV
  17. Would you switch to FIOS TV if this were available?
  18. Verizon, Cablevision Claim Victory After N.Y. Franchise Ruling
  19. Verizon Offers N.J. More Money for State Franchise
  20. verizon tv tampa news
  21. Here it comes...Good for VFios and others...
  22. Verizon Signs Agreement with Turner
  23. Big Win for Verizon FIOS
  24. Verizon might be in a bind soon:
  25. Lil Win for Verizon FIOS
  26. Senators Introduce Bill on Cable Franchising Issue
  27. Verizon VA Info
  28. Is there anywhere to find out...
  29. Bells Win Video Vote in texas
  30. FIOS Upgrade Schedule
  31. Crazy bad@ss Verizon FIOS TV plans
  32. Verizon denies FiOS TV launch in NY
  33. fios tampa rumors
  34. Verizon Signs 5 Additional Programming Deals for Verizon FiOS TV
  35. fios tv channel agreements
  36. FIOS Special on History Channel Tonight
  37. Verizon stiffens Bright House competition
  38. 30Mbps/5Mbps price changes coming:
  39. Fios official TV Brochure & TV Line-up
  40. Can I run a server?
  41. Verizon Fios TV pricing in Keller, TX
  42. Texas Cable Operators Sue to Block State Franchising for Phone Companies
  43. FIOS TV on Long Island
  44. Verizon FiOS Set Top Boxes
  45. Draft Legislation Would Allow Telcos to Bypass Local Cable Franchises
  46. FIOS in apartments for Pinellas County:
  47. Verizon and The Walt Disney Company Sign Long-Term Programming Agreement
  48. FIOSTV in Montgomery County
  49. Verizon set to launch FiOS
  50. Major SatelliteGuys FIOS Rumor!

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