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09-28-2007, 01:37 AM
They did this last week and I have to say it was long overdue!
I was *THIS* close to getting an FTA system for muzak but now I don't need to. The adjusted formats sound great.
Soft Rock has become Lite Hits and focuses on softer music now, more variety and deeper playlists, even hearing some Muzak FM1 "exlusive" stuff on there (think Glenn Frey "I've Got Mine", Billy Joel "And So It Goes").
The Adult Top 40 channel is very similar to muzak's Hot FM, but better.
I imagine these line-up changes affected all cable systems. It's about time Music Choice keep up with muzak,DMX, Sirius,XM,etc!;)

09-29-2007, 01:28 PM
OK,DMX is what our cable company(NorthLand) carries.I had seem that several times but hadn't really thought about it till I read your post.Usually when I am by myself I flip up there and catch some country classics or 70's or 80's sounds.I am interested how the cable companies are going to handle the transition in 2009.Since they recieve their signal in digital why do we have analog still around in 2007.Just a year and 5 months and then we'll see. overtimeman :hatsoff:

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