View Full Version : Back to cable after 14 years!

01-08-2008, 12:44 PM
Well, I am back to cable after 14 years of Directv/Dish Network.

A few weeks ago a sales rep came by our house, offered us Medicom High Speed Internet (10mps), Phone, and Digital Cable w/Starz and modems/converter box for $75/ month - price good for 2 years. AND they will pay off our early cancellation fee from Directv - in ONE LUMP SUM! (not $/month). So, seeing that we pay $75/month for our Qwest landline and DSL, we jumped on it. So far so good! I watch mainly FTA, and only need cable to keep my daughter happy (Disney/Nik, etc).

So, here I am , back to cable! :)

01-08-2008, 02:13 PM
I called Comcast just for grins after reading your post...just got off the phone...

6mb Internet/Phone/Digtal Cable with only one box/HD/DVR: $128/month plus taxes ($9) and $6.95 for additional digtial boxes.

No deal there.

Guess the deals depend on when/who ya call.

I'm staying with D*.

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