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Digital Dude
09-04-2008, 01:53 AM
In our house we have a few Panasonic HT items, along with JVC, Samsung, Philips, and A Sony. So I was looking forward to the Panny press conference. Due to flight, light rail etc I was a bit late. Here's what I learned.

The PT-AE3000 is coming with inorganic LCD panels for longer life and no degradation of the picture for an MSRP of $3499.

Panny has a concierge service on their Viera displays with in home service and GIVING YOU A LOANER IF YOUR DISPLAY SCREWS UP AND THEY HAVETO TAKE IT! To me that is mondo cool! A company that backs it's products like this, not leaving you without a TV is an outstanding example of commitment to customer service. (The opposite of United Airlines, but I digress)

Panasonic is really dedicated to Plasma and are building a new 5th gen Plasma plant at Amagasaki. Panny has a 50% market share in the plasma market. No womder with the quality of their displays and even selling excellent 720p plasma's at Wal-mart doesn't hurt their numbers. Plasmais a young technology compared to the 70 years LCD has been around.

Panasonic has several inovations coming by October. Their new PZ850 line (1080p)
features Vieracast, just plug in your ethernet cable to your high speed internet and get IPTV programming options. It connects to Panny servers so the content is exploding and you can get free upgrades.

With the Viera line one remote can control your TV, DVD recorder, HD camcorder and more for simplicity. (I think of my dad in his 70's who can use Windows XP for solitaire!)

Panasonic has the first lineup of flat panels in the Viera line to feature tru2way cable interface. Finally, no more renting STB's from your cable company! It has 2 way communication with your cable preovider (that signs on to tru2way compatibility, and it will be most all cable companies soon) far surpassing cablecard interoperability.

More after the booth tour tomorrow.

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