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10-22-2008, 11:13 AM
I am having problem with the SA IPTV stream stopping
I am aware of the posting on buffering problems and don't believe that this falls under that category.
I've been on the phone with tech support about this multiple times and it is still unresolved, hence my posting here.
What happens is that I daily record Fox News Channel via DVD recorder and often the channel I’m recording just stops. Sometimes it buffers and then comes back, but more often it just stops, goes to the channel guide and of course it doesn’t restart until I press ‘play’.
Here’s the current situation:

I have 6Mbps broadband, DSL and it regularly tests at 5.2 to 5.3Mbps
I only have one PC currently active on the connection
The IPTV box is connected by CAT5 cable to the router
The IPTV box speed test sees ~3.2Mbps, which as I understand it is the maximum the box can read
Have set the IPTV box to a static IP address
Have made sure the firewall on the Belkin router is disabled.
The IPTV box has been added to the ‘DMZ zone’ and top the best of my understanding it doesn’t need to be on a particular port for that to work (unlike the Linksys routers).
Sky Angel (at least one Agent) has stated that recording with a DVD recorder can cause the streaming to stop, which I'm finding rather odd unless there's some sort of impedance mismatch.
I would think that most people today would be recording by DVD or TiVO type device.
Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. I’m ready to end my subscription and get Dish or nothing at all.

10-22-2008, 01:38 PM
I have recorded Sky Angel shows on my DVD recorder and have not had a problem although I haven't used the timed recording mode on the DVD recorder. I have only manually recorded. I used to have a Sony DVD recorder that was connected to Sky Angel when it was on DISH and I had so many problems with timed recordings that I finally discovered it was a DVD recorder issue and not Sky Angel or DISH. I ended up getting an LG DVD recorder and did not have any more problems. This may not be the case however in your situation.

I know this may be the long way around the world as they say, but I would try to diagnose the problem by isolating it to certain events. For instance, I would set a timed recorder just as you are doing but only program it for about 30 minutes and do it at a time when you are actually home so that you can watch it while you are recording it. That might provide a clue as to what is happening when the Sky Angel programming stops and goes back to the program guide.

Here's another idea for what it's worth. Try hooking up a VCR and record from the Sky Angel program. At least that would tell you if there is something going on with your DVD recorder/signal or if it is a Sky Angel IPTV issue.

Debugging issues like this takes some time which is the very thing that most of us don't have enough of. However, if you can figure out the problem and get it resolved, I believe the benefit of having Sky Angel is well worth it.

10-22-2008, 03:27 PM
I have seen this problem also but not very often.

I think it is somewhat related to the buffering because it usually first shows buffering for a while until it times out and goes back to the menu. For some reason the streamed data stops and the box does not seem to be able to get it restarted. This is why some users, (such as here: http://www.satelliteguys.us/skyangel-iptv-forum/138103-iptv-buffering-problems.html#post1504525 ) have found that when it starts buffering you can get the signal back quicker by going back to the program guide and then re-selecting the same channel. This should not be the case. It should be that the box keeps requesting data if it stops receiving it.

If your computer is near your TV it would be good to see if your computer still has a good Internet connection at the time when the box has just lost its signal. This would eliminate the possibility that you are having intermittent DSL problems. If you briefly loose your Internet connection you may not notice it if you are just browsing on your computer but streamed video is not as forgiving.

10-23-2008, 09:28 AM
Thanks for the responses so far. I spoke with Sky Angel T. Support Wednesday evening and after some discussion it basically came down to that I can't record with a DVD recorder or at least they're not going support the ability to do so. They also mentioned the software update meant to treat the buffering issues and how that might help this issue when it is updated. They said I should already have the update, so I checked and I do (shows version 2.5.0). T.Support also told me that they have heard from several other customers that have had similar problems that I have had. It occurred to me after that conversation that I've noticed an increase in the frequency of the stopping issue in the past several days. It used to be that could usually record 2 or 3 hours straight without a problem and then later it would stop again. The last few nights in a row I recorded for 3 hours from 8PM to 11PM and on Monday it stopped at about 9PM and last night it stopped at 9:30PM. Arrgghh! It's at the point where I want to just get rid of it. I'm suspecting now that the updated software may have improved the buffering issue, but has made the stopping issue worse. I am willing to try the VCR approach just for trouble shooting purposes, but that's it because it's not at all practical. In case anyone is interested the DVD recorder is a Magnavox and I have another, but I don't recall what brand it is so I may also swap the DVD recorders around.

10-23-2008, 01:17 PM
Have you noticed the problem happening when the phone rings or when you use the phone? If you don't have filters on all your phones or one of the filters is bad you can briefly lose your DSL connection when the phone rings.

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