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09-27-2004, 09:40 AM
This isn't any major problem or anything, but it sparked my curiousity. I was on TitanTV and I noticed in my listings, that a local station, WLPX has 5 digital channels. When I scan for them, Voom only adds 4 to the program guide. Zap2it doesn't list it, and in fact, it only lists 1 digital channel for WLPX. My Voom program guide naturally just shows no info for the other 3 channels, but at least I can view them.

I'll list here what TitanTV shows, and what my Voom program guide shows in case it helps anyone.

39 (29-1) WLPX-DT
39 (39-1) WLPX-DT2
39 (39-2) WLPX-DT3
39 (39-3) WLPX-DT4
39 (39-4) WLPX-DT5 <-- This is the one I'm not receiving.

Voom Program Guide These are scanned in on RF 39.
29-1 WLPX-DT
29-2 PaxWest
29-3 Worship
29-4 Faith

Just wondering. Thanks!

Reigster at SatelliteGuys