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01-06-2009, 11:46 PM
Ramy and I headed over to the CES Unveiled Event for Press this afternoon. It was not huge, but there were some interesting products being displayed. My favorite was the new LCD TV that is probably about an inch thick from LG. The thing practically is about the size of a picture frame. Very

Also, Corsair Memory had a 64GB, yes I said Gigabyte- Jump drive. 64gigs; that is crazy. This was bigger than the average SanDisk Jump Drive, but it would still fit in a pocket, no bigger than a pen.

Finally, the folks from the HDMI Licensing association said that a new HDMI Standard was going to be announced tomorrow. We have some info on that, and will post it in a followup reply.

There wasn't anything that was a "wow, I have to have that," no next greatest tech device, but at the same time, the unveiled event was not attended by all the major vendors; just a handful.

Some pictures and follwup stuff coming soon.

Reporting from CES, for SatelliteGuys.US

rockymtnhigh and ramy

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