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10-07-2004, 01:21 AM
Great forum!!!newbie here and in need some assistance. I am Vooming from CEN CAL (Carmel area, with beaucoup hills in the area) and receive only 1 OTA- CBS-DTV 46. VOOM installed a Sensar 2, and when I asked for an upgrade, was told no, not worth it. I checked Antennaweb, and I have 2 other DTV stations (NBC and FOX) only 23 miles away. Would it be worth it to purchase an antenna on my own and replace the Sensar 2? ( an omnidirectional? I live on a golf course, so I cant put up one of the 10' specials, as my neighbors would freak). It is running through a diplexor (spelling??). Can i use this diplexor with another antenna? thanks in advance for any help...

10-07-2004, 07:45 AM
Welcome to the forum Airborne! I moved your thread to bring it to the attention of others that may be in your area.

Voom should upgrade you to another antenna. "not worth it" does not cut it. Many people, including myself, have gotten an upgraded antenna. I would keep trying.

If you feel that it's not worth the trouble then you can surely purchase your own replacement antenna. Some things to keep in mind when shopping are wether your local digital stations are VHF/UHF, what the azimuth to each is (may be able to use a directional antenna), and wether or not it requires DC voltage. The Sensar II requires DC voltage to pass through the diplexer from the STB to power the antenna. If you purchase a non-powered antenna then you will need to replace the current diplexer with one that does not pass the DC voltage through to the antenna. Like this:

10-08-2004, 12:35 AM
thanks wasch 24.....at this point, even though i like Voom's service, their customer support is as inconsistent as it gets (read: WORTHLESS). i have worked this issue for 3 months now, with no result. Bottom line, time to work it myself. My stations are VHF (FOX) and UHF (CBS and NBC). I currently recieve CBS, and the other 2 are on the same azimuth (albeit 40 degrees from the CBS azimuth), 23 miles from my home. There are hills between the towers and me, so I am thinking a multi directional antenna. Do you know if the Radio Shack 15-1634 (the UFO looking round multidirectional antenna) or the Channel Master 3000A ( same design), are compatible with the Voom STB?

10-08-2004, 08:18 AM
Any antenna that receives VHF/UHF is compatible.

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