View Full Version : Clambake: Recipes/Techniques Needed

06-04-2009, 09:34 AM
Hey all. I'm heading off on vacation this weekend to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There will be 18 of us all together going. We're renting out a house on the beach. Anyways, the wife and I will be doing most of the cooking each night as we were designated the best cooks of the bunch. Plus, we love cooking.

With that said, I'm tying to develop a few different ideas that would work well in a beach-type atmosphere. We've already decided to do a Shrimp Gumbo one night. With the leftover andouille sausages and shrimp, I'm also thinking about doing a clambake.

I bought an outdoor fryer/steamer a while back. I'm thinking this would be the perfect tool to make a huge clambake in for a group of 18. Now, this is my first time doing a clambake. Do any of you have any recipes or techniques you'd like to share? They would be greatly appreciated...

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