View Full Version : Recording from HD camcorder to D-VHS

06-06-2009, 03:35 PM
A friend recorded a concert on a Sony HD Camcorder. I tried to dub it to D-VHS using firewire. Camcorder to vcr via firewire and vcr to old Panasonic HD RPTV via component. Watching the camcorder feed passing through the vcr looked fine. JVC vcr also recognized the Sony camcorder with model number displayed. When I watched back recording sound and picture were there but video stuttered constantly with block noise and audio was affected by this. I noticed the JVC display didn't show sound format (pcm) probably because audio kept dropping out. Tried resets, unplugging both units, etc. and nothing worked. Sony manual indicated camcorder settings were correct but also said connected device for i-link must recognize HDV 1080i standard. Is this the problem? I don't think these camcorders existed when the JVC vcr was discontinued. Any ideas?

06-07-2009, 11:35 AM
If the direct connection doesn't work, you may try saving the video to a computer first, editing and/or converting it the way you need and then sending it to the D-VHS.

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