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Angus Vaquero
07-30-2009, 05:56 PM

I am a newbie to FTA. In fact I have yet to purchase any equipment so I am looking for suggestions from you, the experienced experts.

Specially I want to watch Italian TV as a tool to learning Italian and for the culture. I live in an HOA neighborhood so the dish has to located out of view from the front of the house. It is a 2 story house.

The house faces geographically South with a clear view to the horizon. The location is
LATITUDE N30 29.968
Longitude W97 50.455

I have a great deal of experience with shortwave radio prior to the internet and computers made that simple. So I am used to tinkinger with the receive dials, etc.

Any recommendations you could provide would be greatly appreciated. If anyone lives near Austin TX and can recommend an installer I would really like that info as well.

Thanks a lot

07-30-2009, 10:39 PM
Well, you can pickup Telepace & Tele Padre Pio on Galaxy 19 located at 97 degrees west.

I would recommend you get the Omegasat DSB5700 satellite system (http://www.galaxy-marketing.com/omegasat-dsb-5700-fta-ku-band-satellite-system.htm).

The largest dish that you are allowed to have, according to FCC, & as long as you own your house is a 1 meter. The WS9036 90cm satellite dish that comes with this system is actually a 99cmX90cm, which makes it at the largest legal dish size you can have installed in a subdivision according to the laws of the FCC.

You can get the complete system for $169.00+shipping and the system comes with the DMX521 0.2dB Ku band LNBF (http://www.galaxy-marketing.com/dmx521-standard-fss-ku-band-linear-lnbf.htm) and along with the WS9036, 36 inch | 90cm satellite dish (http://www.galaxy-marketing.com/ws9036_-_new_90cm_30_inch_30inch_90_cm_satellite_dish_antenna_for_fta_satellite_dish.htm), you can't go wrong.

http://wsidigital.com/images/dsb5700systemLG.gif (http://www.galaxy-marketing.com/omegasat-dsb-5700-fta-ku-band-satellite-system.htm)

Reigster at SatelliteGuys