View Full Version : Bose premium sound system in a 2010 tahoe

Stacy A
12-10-2009, 10:00 AM
I have a co-worker that has a 2010 tahoe with the bose premium sound system in it, nav system, dvd audio/video, the works. We got to discussing car audio and I was telling her how much I loved the sound system in my truck, an "05 Ford F150 with the audiophile system. She told me she was not so impressed the sound in her tahoe, although when music from a dvd (movie) played it was very impressive. I told her there should be some adjustments that could be made to improve the listening experience of CD's and XM radio quality, especially since there was a subwoofer involved. I went and checked on her system and could not find any adjustments to be made other than the standard bass, mid, and treble and the fade. I could not locate a subwoofer, but did eventually find on a webpage that the subwoofer was located in the center console. My question is this - Is there any menu or place to adjust the amount of bass sent to the sub on this system and is there a DSP (digital sound processing) menu I can get into to get stereo to 5.1?

I hope some of you are familiar with the system and have some information for me because info on the net is very lacking about this system.

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