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WS International DMX521 Digital Ku Band Linear FSS LNBF (
The DMX524U Ku LNBF is the most reliable and quality universal LNBF on the market today. With the super low noise figure of 0.4dB and high gain of 60dB you can expect to get the most stable satellite signal with the highest possible signal quality using this top of the line Ku band linear LNBF. Technicians love it because it's high quality and reliable. Consumers like it because it gives them piece of mind with its 2-year warranty. This universal linear LNBF has an input frequency range of 10.7-12.75GHz, Local Oscillator frequencies of 9750MHz and 10600MHz and is light weight. Receive signal from Galaxy 19, Galaxy 25, AMC 4, Galaxy 16, Galaxy 3C, AMC 6, and many many others....

Ku Band
Input Frequency: 10.7-12.75GHz
Output Frequency: 950-2150MHz
Noise Figure: 0.4dB
Gain: 60dB

Importers welcome: Our DMX line of C, Ku, and CKu band LNBFs are the most popular choice among the professionals, including satellite installers, engineers, broadcasters, and end-users. Private label and OEM available!

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