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08-17-2010, 03:03 AM
I'm new here, so hello! I just posted a topic about the EBS tests playing multiple times.

Anyway, I have another question. Does it help to make a complaint about something to Insight?

We just moved into a new house about 2 weeks ago. We set up the appointment for cable, phone, and internet install about a month before we actually moved. We were moving in on a Saturday, so we set it up for the day before, on Friday. They said they would be there between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. A guy finally shows up after 2:00 pm, a young guy, who acted like he did not even want to be here to start with. I previously used satellite, so I knew nothing about how the cable, phone, and internet worked. I just knew where I wanted everything.
So the guy was not helpful at all, and I was showing him the phone jacks. (I didn't know you only needed to plug the phone into the modem). So he tells me they don't fix inside wiring, that it would cost $75.00 more to fix a phone jack. He didn't even tell me that I didn't need the phone jack, so I'm sitting there thinking, well, what do I do now? He's just basically standing there looking at me, like I'm supposed to know what to do.

Then, he gets a call on his cell phone, and says "I don't have time for this, I have to go pick up my kids". He told me this with a bad attitude. He was smug and rude, and acted as if I had asked him come to over to do me a favor or something. He had only been here less than 10 minutes. So he says they will send someone else. The other guy shows up almost 2 hours later. Another young guy, probably no older than 20 or so, if that. He's not helpful either, he tells me I can't have cable in two of the bedrooms, because the lower half of the house is made of creek rock.

He doesn't tell me that the phone will plug up to the modem, and he was trying to tell me that my computer had to be in the living room by the phone. I didn't want my computer in the living room. I have a laptop I use, and my two daughter had computers they wanted in their rooms.

Well, I'm just totally confused, because, he was basically telling me that everything I wanted wasn't going to work. So I'm thinking that, well, I can't have a phone, I can't have computers where I want them, and I don't get cable in most of the places I wanted. So I was like "what am I paying $190.00 for then?"

If there were any solutions to anything, he wasn't telling me any of them. I was getting frustrated because I didn't know what he wanted me to say or do. All I knew was that he was supposed to be there to put in phone, cable, and internet. I didn't know any of the technalities of the process, couldn't he of told me? I made sure we already had the tvs, and computers there, in the places we wanted them, and I had the money ready to pay. I told him I was dumb about all of this, and that I was already frustrated because the other guy had left. He interrupted me, got an attitude, and said "ma'am, that is a good friend of mine, and he had a family emergency". I had not insulted his friend, or anything, I had been very nice, but confused up to this point. I had already waited hours for them, and I had to go to the old house to get the truck we rented loaded up for the next morning. So I was nervous in general.

I am usually a very shy person, and I never say anything to anyone. I'm the type of person that most people usually walk all over. I have a social phobia, so I am not one of those people who complain and argue. But the last guy, and this guy's attitude just made me so angry. I told him, "you know what?, you can talk to my mother about the rest of it, because your just pissing me off" I said that I didn't care if the other guy was his friend, and that I had alot of problems going on myself. It was just the attitudes of these guys that they gave off, like I was putting them out or something. I shouldn't have told the guy he was pissing me off, that's something I never do. So, he goes outside, and tells my mother that he needed to call his supervisor, because I yelled at him.

So finally, my mother kept asking him enough questions, to finally figure out that we didn't need the phone jack repaired. So he goes downstairs, says that the wall I wanted to put my tv at will not do, because that line is dead. So I had to move the tv to the opposite wall. He says my daughter can't have cable in her room at all, because of the creekstone on the outside of the house (only the lower half s creekstone). He moves my other daughter's tv to the opposite wall. My downstairs cable box looks really old, and scratched up. The one my daughter has upstairs is new and digital. But I guess I'll have to live with that.

I really wanted my other daughter to have cable in her room, but he said it wasn't possible, so I guess it's not? Anyway, he got done with everything a little after 10:00 pm. We had been there since 10:30 am, and we didn't have any food in the house yet. We were all hungry, tired and upset. We lost alot of time for packing and loading the truck. We were too tired to do much.

So Insight said they would take $45.00 off of the first bill. So I guess that's something.

Is it really not possible to put cable in my daughters room? Couldn't the line have been put in above the creekstone, even if it came out in the upper part of the wall? It looks like there could have been some way. I called about the old box I have downstairs in my room, they said that some of their boxes are returns or refurbished. They didn't offer to replace it or anything.

Well, I hope most Insight technicians are not young punks with attitudes like those guys were. Sorry to say that, but they really were. They were not helpful, didn't explain anything, and they had bad attitudes like they were being put out.

I had cable years ago, and the technicians were all usually helpful, and friendly. I guess they don't require them to have people skills anymore.

02-18-2011, 06:54 PM
Hey I am actually a field supv. what it sounds like is you just got a bad bunch. for the other room id call back and set up a workorder for it and ask the csr to please send out an exp tech. and with the box, yes most of insight's equip is refurb'd so there probally isnt getting a new one. sorry

10-22-2012, 01:27 PM
I work for comcast so all my input may be worthless, but here goes anyway, for the creekstone room, yea no dice, but as far as drilling above the stone try and imagine exactly where the line would come in, if its in the room at all even, but i know i wouldnt even offer to drill a line 4-5' in the air... Maybe run it in from a different room?

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