View Full Version : Why aren't History and Biography channels on the list?

01-31-2011, 08:11 PM
Dumb question of the day: why aren't History and Biography channels in the automated channel list? I realize they aren't Christian, but, then again, neither are the 3 news channels guaranteed to cover Armageddon from the wrong side of the battle. RT, in particular, is so filled with hatred for America that I'd gladly exchange its slot in the channel list for just about anything -- even for a webcam monitoring Antarctic ice flows.

Is there fear that acknowledging the existence of these signals will hasten their demise? Couldn't they be added to the lineup without advertising the fact (especially since the new Glorystar dishes don't include SES-1)?

It's just annoying having to reprogram them in every time the channel list changes. And whatever junk they may have on those channels pales in comparison to The Alyona Show, IMO (proof that horrible things can come in pretty packages).

Thank you.

01-31-2011, 08:58 PM
Glorystar only includes channels which are either under contract or has provided us permission to include in our automatic channel list updates. History and Bio channels are not available for inclusion. The channels are part of the Hotel Network, which are sold exclusively for the hospitality industry. They are not broadcast for the direct to home market and are not intended for you to watch. Just because these two channels are currently FTA doesn't mean that they are free. There are many channels that hobbyist are able to view unencrypted, but it is not permissible to package for distribution.

While most Glorystar viewers like the convenience of having the Glorystar list automatically, you may consider yourself an advanced or hobbyist user and activate in the Advanced mode. Perform a factory reset then activate your receiver in the Advanced mode. You will need set up your receiver and scan or edit the channels that you prefer and maintain your own list of channels. The Glorystar weekly updates and occasional firmware pushes will not be updated in this mode, but you then have the freedom to manage your own experience.

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