View Full Version : Got ATV2 in yesterday

05-26-2011, 02:29 PM
Pretty impressed with the little guy. Netflix streaming, which is the newer version, works very well and the HD looks good wirelessly over my 6mbps DSL connection.

Watched Revenge of the Fallen and now watching Order of the Pheonix, looks very good on my 64" set. The iTunes HD movies are a set bitrate, so it requires some buffering at the beginning of the flick to get ahead. Harry Potter had to buffer for about 90 seconds before starting, and now the download is well ahead of the movie. I think I like this idea vs the variable quality streaming services.

With my connection I can get Vudu HDX, but at the bottom bar (outta 3), and using Revenge of the Fallen Id say Apple hangs right in there at a cheaper price.

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