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Scott Greczkowski
08-03-2011, 01:11 PM
We are just kicking things off on SatelliteGuys Radio, but already we have an impressive list of live DJ's spinning your favorite hits for you!

The current lineup is..

Monday - Friday - 8 am - 11 am - Wake Up With Stone Cold

- Its SatelliteGuys own morning show hosted by the one and only Stone Cold, playing todays hottest hits plus StoneCold makes you smile with some of todays funniest crank calls and novelty songs! (And while Wake Up with Stone Cold is scheduled Monday through Friday, StoneCold being StoneCold only shows up for his show when he feels like it... so make sure you tune in and see if you can catch him live!)

Monday - Friday - 3 pm - 5pm - The TigerProwler Show

- There is no better way to end your workday but to relax with todays hottest country and pop hits with TigerProwler! Her music selection might even have you out of your chair dancing around. End your work day on a happy note with TigerProwler Radio!

Monday - Saturday - 7pm - 11pm - The IsaacMorseMI Show

Join IsaacMorse as he spining the greatest hits from the 80's to today! Isaac loves requests and is eager to play them for you! There is no better way to end your night when with the IsaacMorseMI Show!

Sundays - 6pm - 9PM - EuroRadio with EuroSport

Get ready to rock and dance with some of Europes hottest hits! Hosted by EuroSport! The show starts off with The Rock Show with the last hour of 8 to 9 being the Eurodance hour! There is no other show out there quite like EuroRadio!

(All times are Eastern Time - Schedule subject to change.)

08-11-2011, 07:54 AM
Stonecold show is comming back Now that all the chaos between wisdom teeth and dtv is over with. I still have two big interviews to record there is the scheduling phase.

Reigster at SatelliteGuys