View Full Version : What is the 'BEST' and / or correct TP?

08-19-2011, 04:33 PM
Looking for the 'best' and / or 'correct' TP / freq / SR for tuning the G19 for a Fortec Merc II non-DVR unit.

And, when these settings are plugged in, will it gain the receiver the most up-to-date channels available for GS?

Should the factory reset and entering 2020 sequence be initiated also?

Please, if you have time, provide the correct method for reprogramming the Fortec Merc II, along with best TP / freq for gaining all that GS has to offer.

Thank you kindly.

08-21-2011, 09:00 AM
If you are using the two LNBF bracket on the dish, you can use the original dish aiming and keep the system activated with the 2020 code.

The Mercury II is unable to be automatically updated with a current channel list by satellite like the newer GEOSATpro receivers. The current channel list will need to be edited to remove inactive channels, then I would suggest performing a Power Scan for all new FTA channels on both satellite positions. The PSCAN button on the remote will quickly navigate the receiver to the correct menu. Make sure to select the satellite that you wish to scan (AMC4-ku @ 101w or Galaxy 25 - ku / IA5 - ku @ 97w) and scan only for FTA (Free To Air) channel type. Please note that these satellite names are outdated and were the names used previously for these satellite positions at the time of the manufacture of the receiver.

Once all new transponders with free TV and Radio channels are log and scanned into the system, edit the channel lists to remove any unwanted channels.

To address your first question regarding the best transponders to adjust for Galaxy 19 Signal Quality:
12152 to locate the satellite and fine tune
12115 to fine tune
11842 to fine tune

Step by step directions for reaiming a system for G19 satellite or manually adding channels to these older legacy systems are available on the GloryStar.tv website under the support tab.

If you want to avoid this hassle of manually adding and removing channels from this legacy receiver, you may purchase only the GEOSATpro satellite receiver and this unit will automatically update the Channel List to include any new channels or moved channels.

Reigster at SatelliteGuys