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Scott Greczkowski
09-14-2011, 08:09 AM
Thank You America!


With last night's DISH Network Satellite Issue SatelliteGuys.US once again showed why it is known as America's Satellite Information Source!

At our peak last night we had close to 6,000 people online trying to find out what was going on with their satellite service! These folks trusted SatelliteGuys to provide them up to date accurate information and we are proud to have delivered. We worked hard to keep our members informed and our information was spot on accurate!

A big thanks to DISH Network and their DISH Internet Response Team for being here and helping our members with their issues. I know some of the guys worked some overtime just so our members could be informed!

Our current server is rated to handle about 3,000 users online at any one time and last night after some quick changes was able to handle the crowd of 6,000 without issue, but with that said I am proud to announce that on Sunday evening we ordered a new server which should be able to handle over 20,000 online at once without breaking a sweat! This investment is our promise to you that when you need satellite news, talk, rumors or information that we will be here for you!

Trust Counts! So thank you to everyone for Trusting SatelliteGuys.US - Just another reason why we are America's Satellite Information Source!

Reigster at SatelliteGuys