View Full Version : Local news in 16x9 widescreen (HD or SD) and syndicated shows in HD

10-08-2011, 06:40 PM
In my market (Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina), all of our stations is broadcasting local news in 16x9 widescreen (CBS/CW and ABC/MNT are doing news in HD). Also, all of the affiliated stations are broadcasting shows in HD. Does your market broadcast all local news in 16x9 or 4x3?

10-08-2011, 07:29 PM
depends on which market I feel like watching at that time ;)

Minneapolis (OTA)....all 4 nets are in HD pretty much everything that is in HD is carried in HD. News is all in HD. Independent station (KSTC owned by same folks who own ABC) the news is in HD too. My Network shows some syndicated stuff in HD (owned by Fox)
Mankato (OTA) 2 station market 75 miles from the house (CBS & Fox subchannel)...only network programming is in HD (or 480i widescreen in the case of fox)....otherwise its BBH (black bar hell)
Duluth ("moved") ABC, CBS, NBC news in digital widescreen...syndicated is hit and miss (CBS & NBC run by same folks)...Fox is pretty much HD only during network programming. News is not in HD or widescreen

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