View Full Version : Blockbuster Movie Offerings Integration - Suggesting a DVD player accessory for 722 and similar

10-21-2011, 07:09 AM
With the new "Blockbuster" services, it seems an ideal time for echostar to create and release a DVD player for the 722 ( and similar ) receivers.

This has probably been discussed before, so I apologize for not seeing it ... but ...

Keeping it simple, the device could be thin / blade-like with little more than an eject button. Perhaps a blue-hued platinum version that plays blue ray.

Then by plugging it in to power and the usb, the ideal solution would be to utilize the existing controls and UI to allow play back of the dvd from "My Media". Two wires, One button and same remote simplicity. ( you could even do a little jumper power cable from the receiver to reduce total out fully going wires )

Making the Blockbuster integrated package pretty complete ... and providing Dish extra marketing draw, and Echostar extra revenue ... and the customer a clean , integrated and somewhat complete experience "only from dish network"

You could treat it much like the sling and the google accessories currently being offered ... but I suspect the draw for these could be more significant.

Just think how many people would be ecstatic to not have to teach and remind their family how to change inputs, or use the "other" remote(s) ...

Reigster at SatelliteGuys