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10-24-2011, 09:49 AM
I tried to re-enter the advanced mode but things work somewhat differently and I can't recover all my channels. Is there a forum or instruction I can go to for detailed scan instructions for the DVR-1100c? With an all channel scan all the GloryStar G-19 channels don't show up and I can't get anything for AMC-4.

10-24-2011, 06:22 PM
Glorystar was created so an average TV viewer could set-up and enjoy a FTA system with the free Christian and family friendly services without needing to first learn about the FTA satellite technology. We also included the Advanced Mode so customers could explore outside of the pre-programmed and maintained Glorystar experience without needing to buy new equipment. In the Advanced Mode you will need to understand the basics of setting up a satellite system, such as the satellite names, satellite orbital positions, LNBF types, LO frequencies, switch types, ports used and a flow chart of your wiring. There are no pre-programmed channels or settings when you choose the Advanced mode. You are completely in charge of choosing the satellite, LNBF type, switch type and settings.

The current versions of the GEOSATpro DSR100/DSR200/DVR1100 receiver Owners Manual provides the steps for activating the receiver in the Advanced Mode on pages 51 -53. You should also be familiar with the installation menu screens and functions described on pages 17 - 19.

The basics of your two LNBF Glorystar system (if it was correctly set-up for Glorystar) is that the two LNBFs are Standard type with LO frequency of 10750, the installed switch could be either a DiSEqC or a 22khz. The 101W satellite (now called SES1 - KU) setting is on either port #1 of a DiSEqC switch or 22khz OFF of a 22khz switch. The 97W satellite (now called Galaxy19 -KU) setting is port #2 of a DiSEqC switch or 22khz ON of a 22khz switch. You would want to select scan type of SAT - FTA (or BLIND SCAN for new transponders and channels) on each of the satellites once the LNBF settings and switch settings are selected then individually scan each connected satellite.

For more information and questions regarding using your system in the Advanced Mode, visit the SatelliteGuys FTA Forum. We are very active on that forum along with thousands of members, tons of information and interaction with FTA system system owners and hobbyists.

10-25-2011, 08:36 AM
Thanks Brian, I figured this forum wasn't the right place for the fta info. I had been periodically using either blind scan or all channel scan for the last year or so but with the change just couldn't get back to my particular channel alignment.

To close this one out, the scans worked fine with the right satellite name and switch port and I have recovered my lists.

Reigster at SatelliteGuys