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12-09-2011, 03:56 PM
too bad its an analog low powered now turned digital religious station ;)
They just turned on the digital transmitter within the last hour.

3ABN formerly 14 analog is now up on 33 with 6 channels

RF33 DOES NOT remap to 14 yet

logs 6 channels
33-1 K14KH-D 3ABN English (distorted audio)
33-2 3ABN-PR 3ABN Proclaim...(kinda distorted audio)
33-3 3ABN-ES 3ABN Latino (distorted audio)
33-4 3ABN-RD audio only (no audio yet)
33-5 Radio74 audio only (no audio yet)
33-6 3ABN-RL audio only (no audio yet)

so they're still working out the bugs

71 signal here in the SW burbs...about the same as what 25 (TBN) shows. That leaves 2 analog stations left. 43 HSN and 13 Univision

12-15-2011, 07:51 PM
Iceberg, I think I saw you said you have a DTV Pal converter box like mine. I get all the broadcast channels here in St. Paul (Lake Elmo) except for ch 41 KPXM or ION TV. Do you get it or are my rabbit ear antenna not cutting it or is it analog? St. Cloud is a ways off. I assume I dont get 25, 43 or 13 also if this doesnt recieve analog.

12-15-2011, 08:05 PM
welcome :wave

41's tower is in Big Lake whereas the rest are in Shoreview. 41 (Ion) has a construction permit to move to the Antenna Farm (Shoreview) but they havent done it yet (they still have about 6 months left on that permit). I get it fine but then again I have a big antenna on my house near Mistake Lake

13 (Univision) and 43 (shop at home) are still analog so any TV can get those without the converter box
25 is digital and you should get it. My buddy in Belle Plaine can get 25 with amplified rabbit ears

edit: need to add that these stations towers are on top of the IDS in Mpls and not the Antenna Farm in Shoreview
13 Univison
25 TBN
33 3ABN
43 Shop at Home

01-15-2012, 05:08 PM
they fixed the audio issue. 6 clean channels now
also the 2nd channel is now 3ABN "Dare to Dream"

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