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01-22-2012, 04:31 PM
One of us has a Driod Moto X, another of the guys has an Android Moto XT720. Both have internal compass, full GPS as well assisted "aGPS". We are out in the Boonies so aGPS is not often available, GSM or CDMA
Now the situation We are capable of finding the Sat's without Dish pointer pro., but thought it might be helpful,
We have installed about 3K big dishes-some with KU, as you know looking for 30 Sat's in an ark, a couple hundred Prime-star sys's 1K Direct, and 3K Dish. So we can find sat's. LOL
So we got the dish Pro Version ! We have hundred foot pine trees, and a few low valleys AKA Yosemite Valley.
I have tried to verify my guys choice of locations with Dish Pro while out on the jobs, What i am finding is if i locate the Sat's we are looking for with the program showing the sat. at ctr. screen, then move the camera to the left say 20° then back to ctr. screen, the desired Sat. location has shifted 10° to the left, so then i shifted the camera 20°to the right and back to ctr. screen, the the indicated postilion then has moved 10° to the right.
We work in situations where we know we have maybe 5° window for a Sat. What am i missing ? If this is normal then the program is worthless for us.
Sorry for the long post. Looking for an answer as to something we are doing wrong.http://www.satelliteguys.us/images/icons/icon7.png Sam

01-23-2012, 02:42 PM
Hello Sam

It all comes down to the reading from the internal compass. If the compass reads 10° to the left and 5 mins later 10° to the right then that's what the app is going to use and display the sats accordingly. The actual question should be why the compass reads different bearings. It could be that you are standing too close to the dish with the phone, or have the phone in a case with magnetic closure buttons, high-voltage lines nearby, etc...

You could follow these steps to ensure good compass readings but also remember that you can always switch off the compass and move the sats with your finger should you have a better reference:

Things you can do to ensure good readings are:

1. Don't use the device in a case, especially a case with magnetic closure buttons.
2. Calibrate the compass each time you use it like in this video Best Compass Calibration Method (iPhone/G1/etc.) - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP3d00Hr14o). (You do this while the DP app is running, just swing the phone).
3. Stay away from anything electrical or metallic.
4. On most devices, the compass generally works better when the device is held flat. Position the device correctly, then lock the compass (button right) and then lift the device without shifting the device.

01-24-2012, 09:59 AM
Thanks for the reply, just to clear up my observation on changing sat. locations [about 10°]. I was standing out in the open no dish around or tools/rings on the fingers, no high-lines near. my tech was looking with his tool at the Satellite locations and i tried to duplicate the headings with him. His were correct, installed dish works great.
There was no time deley in taking Dish Pro readings, looked at the screen it showed Sat's off 10° off. happened to move the camera to the left, and the viewed sat position moved to the left 10° from the incorrect former spot, so moved camera to the right 20° and the shown posistion swung to a position 10° to the right of the original [incorrect ] location. You are likely correct that my compass is not adequate. Does anybody know of a compass App that might do the job ? Thanks Sam

01-24-2012, 02:53 PM
The hardware sensor is responsible for the compass reading. An app cannot fix a faulty sensor reading. Think it like in the old days with a manual handheld compass: If the needle points for whatever reasons all of a sudden in a different direction, you cannot fix it except for waving the compass around and trying it again.

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