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03-19-2005, 06:55 PM
ladies and gentlemen,

here is what happens when you call voom to order:

1. voom csr takes your order and discusses programming options and number of irds, i do believe they ask you for a PREFERRED install date (and that is not set in stone)
2. order is entered in the system, which means installs inc and ozburn hessey logistics are notified to procede with the install (installs) and shipping the required irds and dishes/otas etc (OHL)
3 . OHL notifies O'ROURKE DISTRIBUTING to ship the eq to the tech
4 . installs inc notifies the tech via PROSITE of the install and contact info and eq count etc
5. installs inc then pre calls cx and sets up the preferred date and time and gives call back #s (preferred date and time are still not set in stone)
6. the tech SHOULD call you the same day he gets the order to do HIS pre call to set a date IN STONE, as the date and time may already be filled on his install schedule.
and all techs can check eq arrival date by clicking on the fed ex shipment tag on prosite. i try to schedule mine 48 hours past that in case fed ex misses the delivery.
7. evening before your install the tech will call again to re confirm install or to tell you eq didn't arrive. if you do not answer your phone and don't call him back. he isn't showing!!
8. to cover your a**es if he doesn't call you the evening before, call him at all the #s he gave you and leave messages, i cant speak for other techs , but my sprint cell hasn't been shut off ,except for holidays for 5 years.
9 if he doesn't call you back, go to work and call and report him for co confirmation call!!!
10. he is to install the eq shipped to you no ifs and or butts, if he doesn't and there is a service call by another tech HE WILL BE BACK CHARGED
11 if (ha ha) your ota doesn't work, he should call installs and get permission to try an upgrade to the next level antenna and to get paid for extra time on the job in half hour intervals ( that costs voom at that point)
12. if that ota doesn't work , it is up to you to call voom and complain and work order opened to an 8 bay upgrade, and the tech isn't waiting around, that will be on another day!!!
13. the tech is there to install your system and the eq voom wants in place,he is there to make a living, not try to get you a free ota signal for two hours at his expense.

A some addresses and phone #s

OHL/VOOM, 1409nitterhouse rd, chambersburg pa 17201

rainbow dbs , 5510 e holmes rd, memphis tn 38118 (orourke)

voom activation 1.866.522.8666

installs inc 1.800.344.4856


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03-19-2005, 11:12 PM
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