View Full Version : Why didn't VOOM have a shutdown plan in place??

04-14-2005, 10:28 AM
What is going on with VOOM? Are they so mismanaged that, even though they planned to shut down over a month ago, they did not think to have basic shutdown policies in place?

What happens to a leased receiver that stops working this month? - no service call.
Will you still be charged this month even if your receiver is busted? - yes, no method to credit customers for the last month if service isn't working.
What if it is a purchased receiver under warranty - they don't have a policy yet?
Will OTA work on purchased receivers after the shutdown? - no policy yet
How about service on purchased receivers with a purchased service contract - no policy yet but no service and no credit for downtime.
What is going to happen to leased receivers? - no policy yet?
Will VOOM come out to uninstall dishes and patch holes in roofs and walls? - no policy yet

04-14-2005, 12:01 PM
After reading the filing by CVC and Echostar rebutting Charles Dolan's filing, I am convinced that the sudden shutdown of VOOM was a strategical decision to render Charles' claims about Competition impotent, as the entire filing seems to rely on the fact that as of 4/30/05 Voom no longer exists. I think that right up until the meeting last Thursday, VOOM was planning on keeping it's doors open, subscriptions were skyrocketing, and they were going to use the petition as leverage to delay the transaction until they could prove viability and find investors.
I also think that, given another three months, Voom could very much have proven it's viability as an upstart and things would have radically changed. Why? THEY FINALLY STARTED ADVERTISING! And they had addressed all the SD shortcomings in offerings. I honestly believe that they finally had worked out a model taht was not only viable, but would have been successful. But CVC wanted to recover some losses and get out as fast as possible.

04-14-2005, 01:47 PM
As far as a shutdown plan. Do you really think that anyone of the Voom employees really cares? Most of them do not have a job in two weeks.

On the note about Voom becoming a viable competitor. I AGREE! They made it to the top of the hill and all they had to do was just assist the ball rolling. No longer push it.

Sure is sad that most investors keep looking for that fast buck and not long term reward. And yet........they almost had it.


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