View Full Version : VOOM Channels I'll Miss - How About YOU?

04-28-2005, 09:26 PM
WORLD CINEMA - Showing of foreign films like "Amelie" & "Z". Many others too numerous to name but it kept us in touch with the cinema from other countries.

KUNG FU - Didn't like it at first but then they showed some Kurosawa films like " The Hidden Fortress" the inspiration for Lucas' "Star Wars" and many other classics. Today (Thursday) they are showing "Sword of DOOM" the inspiration for the Samurai fight in the snow copied by "Killl Bill." Also Bruce Lee movies.

MONSTER - Some of the "cheezy" films were a lot of fun. But there were other fine films like "Kiss of The Vampire" with Jennifer Beal. And Nickolaus Cage who thinks he's turning into a vampire;"American Werewolf in London" another classic. Might even miss Godzilla.

EQUATOR - Great series of "Eye OVer.." travels; plus "Smart Travels" and some National Geographic types.

RUSH - Loved the surfing & snow boarding as well as the P.I.G. series. Great shots you won't see on HDNET.

RAVE - Only 24 hour MTV type program of its kind. Loved the "Montreux Jazz" series. I was able to attend a couple of them while in Montreux a few years back. Good bands and music.

GALLERY - Some great tours of new museums that my wife & I liked. A challenge to see some new art around the world.

Will miss some other films too numerous to mention as well as the intermissions and TANK. Mostly, we'll just miss VOOM.

04-28-2005, 11:38 PM
HDNews especially the weather. Just what I need to know w/o the BS and presented in a clear and concise manner.

Anamania the kids never looked back to the Nicks, Disneys, or Noggin.

Ultra for the the Architecture shows

Gallery never imagined we would find so much good programming there

Auction had great information. Especially like the car shows.

Rave for the experience. I'm a musician and this was a great treat to see great venues and players

Worldsport almost got me hooked on soccer. Really liked the hockey. Most of all was looking fwd to a Worldsport2 etc.

HD Cine 10 or the branded version always gave us something to watch. More movie watching there than on any other premium HD.

I guess I was the few who never really watched Monsters or Rush but knowing I soon may never have them makes me regret surfing past them.

04-30-2005, 02:52 PM
Look on the bright side, they will all be back next year.

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