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05-05-2005, 02:58 PM
I subscribe to Insight Digital Cable, Insight Broad Band, and soon will have Insight phone service in Lafayette, Indiana. From what I understand, Comcast is working with Insight on the phone bit ..... Does anyone know if Insight is affiliated with Comcast in any other way? Who else has Insight cable? I like it but crave more HD. What I do get looks very good. I have a HDDVR as well. A good service that I hope gets better - I can see switching to Dish down the road after MPG4 hits the market.


05-09-2005, 01:01 PM
Insight is 50% owned by Comcast. Usually things that Comcast gets eventually "trickle down" to us Insight subs. When Comcast uped their cable modems to 4mg at no extra charge, Insight followed through. Unfortunately, (at least on my system) Insight does NOT have the 6412 dual-tuner HD DVR yet; they still are using that POS 6208 tuner, but keep telling people the dual's are due out anyday soon. But then again, I do not believe that Comcast has rolled them out nationwide yet (only in the larger markets) so I guess I'm expecting too much.

Speaking of the triple play - our local system started (mistakenly) running commercials on their local ad inserts for phone service. It WAS a mistake, because I asked them about it at a local home show booth they were at when they were running & they got pulled 2 days later, as it was NOT meant for our market.

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