View Full Version : East Nantmeal to finally get cable TV

07-24-2006, 11:37 PM
EAST NANTMEAL -- The township’s sparse population of 1,700 people has left it as one of the few places in Chester County where cable television doesn’t exist, but change is on the way.

An industry standard requiring 25 homes per "linear mile" to make cable installation economically feasible has prevented cable’s arrival in the past.

Supervisor Richard Remes said previous boards of supervisors have reneged on bringing cable television into the township because service providers such as Comcast have refused to cover the entire municipality.

The Board of Supervisors negotiated a cable television service agreement with Service Electric Cablevision of Birdsboro, early last year; however, getting the system up and running has been a slow process.

"Service Electric was the only one that would do the whole township," Remes said.

Comcast told the township it was not economically feasible to cover every residence.

Under Pennsylvania law, cable providers must enter into exclusive franchising agreements with each separate municipality. This accounts for neighboring West Vincent and Upper Uwchlan having comprehensive cable coverage while East Nantmeal does not.

Service Electric General Manager Karl Kowatch said a township with East Nantmeal’s sparse population normally would not qualify for blanket coverage, but his company took a chance, hoping the number of homes in the township would increase.

"It did not meet the 25-homes requirement, but we decided to bite the bullet, hoping more homes in the future would make that possible," Kowatch said.

Kowatch said his company needed to work out agreements with local utilities, such as Verizon and PECO, to accommodate their cables.

Service Electric currently has laid approximately 36 linear-miles of cable throughout the township, but the company is waiting on delivery of electronic equipment from Motorola that will help bring the system online.

The cable provider expects to offer cable service to township residents within the next six to eight weeks.


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