View Full Version : Time Warner starts today running former Adelphia in Coudersport

07-31-2006, 10:40 PM
COUDERSPORT (EC) - While hundreds of former Adelphia workers will report to work for a new employer this morning, dozens of their colleagues may instead be sleeping in today.

Time Warner Cable took over most of the Adelphia properties in Coudersport overnight.

For the majority of the approximately 1,150 affected employees, it's business as usual today. However, more than 100 people are instead signing up for unemployment compensation, stepping up their job-hunting or, in some cases, packing their belongings to leave town.

Many of the displaced workers surrendered their pass keys and ID badges Monday and reported directly to a local watering hole, Mosch's Tavern. One of them jokingly referred to the gathering as "the first meeting of the Adelphia Alumni Association."

On a more serious note, the estimated 110 employees who were cut loose on Monday are only the first wave of what is expected to be a continuing exodus from the former Adelphia workforce.

Time Warner Cable has picked up about 800 employees, the majority of them in customer service positions with the Advanced Product Customer Center and the Sales & Marketing Advanced Retention Team.

No one can forecast how long those jobs can continue. But local government leaders have become unnerved over a recent comment from a Time Warner Cable official suggesting the company is investigating India, Canada or consolidated facilities in the U.S. to handle customer service responsibilities.

Another approximately 200 employees are hanging on for upwards of six months as employees of the "Adelphia Estate." They will handle a variety of duties as the company closes out the financial and legal aspects of its four-year-old Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Most of the Adelphia senior management team in Denver, where corporate headquarters were relocated in 2003, vacated company headquarters on Monday, as well.

The dispatched employees in both Coudersport and Denver are eligible for court-approved severance payments, based on longevity and job title.

There is no word from Adelphia officials on the disposition of the massive and modern Operations Building on Coudersport's South Main Street. Time Warner Cable has not acquired the building as part of the buyout. It will initially be occupied by the remaining Adelphia employees involved in estate responsibilities.

Time Warner and Comcast purchased Adelphia's assets for about $16.9 million in cash and stock. The companies are dividing the Adelphia cable systems spread across 30 states, serving just under 5 million customers.

The cable systems in the Coudersport, Port Allegany and Emporium areas are operated by Zito Media, a business enterprise owned by members of the Rigas family, who founded Adelphia in 1952 and remained in control until resigning in 2002.


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