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12-20-2006, 12:35 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right forum as there where many cable forums, but here is my question.Living in Canada I know how the cable at sat workers here for ethnic sevices, and I'm aware of it on DTV & Dish by the commercials, but what of digital cable?

Are ethnic services offered?

Also here in Canada English & french channels are consider rgular channels, but in the US are Spanish/Hispanic Channels comsider non ethnic? or are they classified as ethnic?

Considering the Hispanic pop in the US I'm not sure how the FCC classifies them.

Have lways ben curios about this.


TOM :)

12-20-2006, 12:44 PM
The only Spanish channels that are on regular (analog) cable are Univsion, Galavision and Telefutura. Depends on location. Univision is the main one. It depends on the area. Obviously states that are near the border (the south border) :) would have more. Ethnics aren't really alot here. Using MN as an example, there are like 4 or 5 ethnics and they're all south asian. Only Spanish channel on cable is Univision. Most Spanish people here have satellite since Dish has a lot of Spanish channels

but to answer the original question, cable companies do not have to carry Spanish channels on basic (analog) cable. I know in Canada they have to carry SRC and TVA in the basic but in the US they don't have to carry Spanish channels

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