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02-18-2007, 10:03 PM
Sadoun Satellite Sales is having a few promotions this week:

$20 Mail-In Rebate (http://sadoun.com/Sat/Specials/FS-Rebate.htm)on the S-1 and M-1 Satellite systems

5% Discount on orders over $400 in value (http://sadoun.com/Sat/Order/Bargains-1.htm)

FREE Sadoun Hat (http://sadoun.com/Sat/Order/Sadoun-Promotional-Gear.htm)on orders over $150 in value

FREE SF95KIT signal Meter Kit (http://sadoun.com/Sat/Order/Bargains-1.htm)when you order a completer satellite system on line.

FREE Johnson Level Angle Finder (http://sadoun.com/Sat/Order/Bargains-1.htm)when you order a SatHawk, Birdog, or a SatLook Digital Signal Meters.

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