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Thread: Lyngsat map accuracy

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    Lyngsat map accuracy

    Just how accurate are the maps that Lyngsat provides for satellite footprints? I'm able to "see" satellites from here in Halifax NS as far east as about 6E. Is it a matter satellites provide spot beams that are impossible to get outside the footprint? Or is it that you'd need an unfeasibly large dish to pick up a signal?

    I'm not looking to get anything in particular. I'm just curious to know how set in stone those maps are.

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    Lyngsats maps are a good estimate, according to Lyngsats maps I am still in the footprint and should be able to receive Dr. Dish TV on Intelsat 6B/3R @ 43.0W with a 75-100 cm dish but with a 1.2 Meter dish I can not recive a trace of the signal.

    Here are a few an examples: Think of a satellite spotbeam as a light that you focus on one area, outside the center the intensity drops very rapidly.

    Using Dish Network's local spotbeams as an example, a sot beam is pointed at Las Vegas, in Las Vegas you can receive the signal with a 18" dish, in Los Angeles you will not even see the signal on a 1.2 Meter (~48") dish.

    So if a beam is pointed only towards Europe there is no chance of receiving it in North America, no matter how large of a dish you try with.

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    Over the years there are many reports of reception from satellites far outside the reported footprints. Occasionally a satellite will have side lobes far from the intended beam. Years ago with a 12' Paraclipse on analog, C-band I would often watch several feeds that had stated footprints into the South Pacific, but would be viewable during the evening in winter months.

    Digital signals are not as forgiving if near threshold level, but a few times I have caught dvb channels from the South American beams of KU satellites here in Northern California. Could be related to enviromental conditions or the satellite operator working on the bird. I may never know.....

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