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Thread: FyreTV Reviews (Please Read)

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    FyreTV Reviews (Please Read)

    SatelliteGuys.US is proud to have been selected by FyreTV as not only the first site to receive a FyreTV receiver but we are also proud that our members are the first to get their beta boxes!

    When you get your Beta Box, we are looking forward to seeing your reviews of the technology and the service.

    HOWEVER please remember that SatelliteGuys.US is a family forum, so please no discussion of the adult content on FyreTV, please keep things on a technical nature here.

    We do have an "adult" area which we call "The Backroom" which is available to those who have chosen to be supporters of SatelliteGuys (ie folks that help us pay our bills)

    If you wish to discuss the adult content on FyreTV and are a supporting Pub Member please CLICK HERE to be taken to The Back Room.

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    Enjoy your FyreTV Box and Thanks for being a SatelliteGuys Member!

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    I am extremly happy with all the support that satelliteguys has given FyreTV, it has been paramount in allowing us discover bugs and glitches in the FyreTV system.

    For this reason I would like to reward everyone that signs up to the paid subscription of satelliteguys by giving them $20 worth of credit on the FyreTV system once we go live!


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    two days with fyre

    UPS brought my box yesterday. Very simple install. There were no directions but they are not needed.

    It came with box, remote/batteries, power plug, ethernet cable, RCA cables and HDMI

    Connect box to power, then to modem, then TV via HDMI. By the time I tuned to channel FYRE was up and running.

    still learning to use remote. content is there, just need to "search" as the "new releases" are they first you see and there are only about 15 of them.

    I chose to view at 16:9 widescreen with DVD quality. The picture is great and the quality truly is DVD like.

    I use COMCAST for internet. One minor glitch when pic froze.

    It seems like a very cool idea. I wish Directv on Demand used as similar type of interface. oh well...enjoy

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    got my box up and running today, very simple setup also, the only thing i see so far, is when you click on to play entire movie, it only plays one scene at a time, i like the fast buffer time, starts to play immediately.

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    the DVD quality is excellent! no real complaints yet

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    Nice so far. The remote and searching will take a little getting used to. Plus, there is no way to get a list of titles after a search. Just the big box art scroll thing (not sure what to call it, but no TV listings type grid that could be quickly paged thru). There is page up/down on the search results, but unless you can actually read the box, you won't know what the titles are that you are paging thru. Maybe just my issue since I'm only on a 20" SDTV.


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