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Thread: Free To Air Satellite Systems / DirecTV Deals

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    Lightbulb Halloween Satellite Systems / DirecTV Deals

    Product Pricing
    Traxis DBS2500 FTA $130.00
    Satwork ST3618 with Blind Search $138
    Satwork ST3688 with Blind Search $150
    BEC DBS1000 FTA $148
    Coship CDVB2300 FTA $142

    Receivers for Free and Encrypted Channels...

    Coship CDVB5300B CI $178
    Coship CDVB2000E Irdeto CA $192
    Coship CDVB2000D Viaccess CA $192

    PCI card Receivers for your PC...

    TwinHan VP1020A PCI card with remote $88
    TwinHan VP1030A PCI card with CI, with remote $143
    BEC DST-1000R PCI card with remote $108
    Universal Remote & interface for PCI cards $30

    Commercial Rack mount Receivers...

    Coship CDVB5110G Rack mount $450
    Coship CDVB2000M Rack mount $478
    Coship CDVB5100 CI Rack mount $1234

    Standard Ku LNBFs and LNBs...

    DMS ASC321 Single Ku LNBF $25
    DMS ASC321S Single Ku LNBF $27
    DMS ASC322 Dual Ku LNBF $44
    ASC511 500KHz Ku LNB $76

    Universal Ku LNBFs and LNBs...

    DMS ASC321-2 Single Ku LNBF $27
    DMS ASC321S-2 Single Ku LNBF $29
    DMS DVB321-2S Single LNBF $29

    C LNBFs and LNBs...

    DMS ASC421 C-LNBF $43
    DMS ASC211 C-LNB $40

    DSS LNBFs...


    DMS Hotdish 75cm offset $75
    DMS Hotdish 95cm offset (out)
    DMS 2 LNBF Bracket for Hotdish $32
    Winegard DS2076 offset $87

    DiSEqC motors, actuators and controllers...

    SG2100 DiSEqC Motor $102
    TD18 - 18" actuator $74
    HV24 - 24" heavy duty actuator $100
    V-Box II $93
    digibox $95

    Special Products...

    AF1 Satellite Locator Site Survey Tool $128
    Around the House Remote Extender $70
    Irdeto PCMCIA CAM $117
    Nagravision PCMCIA CAM $136
    BlueTooth Dongle $59
    ProScan I $136

    Parts and pieces...

    SF-95 Signal Finder $27
    DIYE install kit $25
    Replacement Receiver Remotes $25
    DMS 2 way DiSEqC Switch $20
    DMS 4 way DiSEqC Switch $22
    2 way HF splitter $11
    4 way HF splitter $13
    RS232CL cloning cable $16
    RS232PC PC to receiver cable $16
    21pc Metric Socket Set $27
    41pc SAE & Metric $22
    9" Torpedo Level $11
    AAA battery, 4 pack $1 *
    AA battery, 4 pack $1 *
    C battery, 2 pack $1 *
    D battery, 2 pack $1 *
    9 volt battery, 1 pack $1 *
    * = not shipped alone

    See Specs for all products at....


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    Talking Halloween Deals!

    Halloween Specials, these prices are SPOOKY!

    Winegard 30"/75cm Offset dish (DS2076) $87

    SG2100 DiSEqC Motor Now just $102

    TwinHan VP1020A PCI card with remote $88

    Remember all these prices are SHIPPED!

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