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Thread: TWC digital/hd channel line up without cable box

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    TWC digital/hd channel line up without cable box

    I was able to get some of hd channels on TWC and digital channels without cable box....now recently had a problem with internet, tech guy came to fix the issue with internet after the visit I noticed that some of the hbo channels are missing.....

    Anyone know what he might of change that they went away.... I was able to get them before ....

    I hate that tech guy

    When I do scanning which should select HTC IRC or STD for Time Warner Cable?

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    i dont know much about cable, but he may have filtered the line without a box in order to increase the signal to the modem. and you would have to remove the filter to get your channels back, it could be in your basement/attic somewhere by the cable splitter, or outside in a locked or unlocked box, or it could be at the pole. Since you shouldnt be receiving these channels without a box, the filter is *required* to be installed. maybe..
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