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Thread: Atlantic Satellites (0 to 61 degrees)

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    Atlantic Satellites (0 to 61 degrees)

    How many of the Atlantic satellites (0 to 61 degrees) can be received in Pennsylvania?

    Below are the satellites I believe can be received:

    Telstar 12 at 15 degrees
    Hispasat 1C and 1D at 30 degrees
    Intelsat 9 at 58 degrees

    Am I correct or are there more that can be received?

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    With the correct setup...

    NSS7, 10, 806
    I-805, 11, 14, 707.... and more. There's a bunch of Atlantic sats that have something on them if you have the means to receive them.......

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    That would depend on
    1 Your location( viewing arc) and satellite downlink footprint for your location.
    2 Size of your dish. (C band-minimum 6-7.5ft vs Ku minimum 3-4ft)
    3 Type of equipment used (circular-linear lnb, motor,skew, receiver sensitivity/features).
    These factors will vary by different members on the forum.

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    Have you looked over this eastern list by Global-CM?


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    Here in upstate NY, I did a site survey various places on my property and I think 55.5W would be my limit with LOS to my neighbors trees. I plan to try this out soon myself with a temporary test dish.

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    Their is a lot of satellites to the east that have some real good channels on them, along with lots of sports an news feeds too.
    the main thing is to have a good LOS, an if you do, then set up a dish just for the eastern sats w/circular c-band, plus ku is nice to have looking over their too, for the longest time had a cable mux on Intel-903 (it was mainly only viewable from S.Fla) that most channels where itc a lot like AMC-21 when they 1st fired up.
    I use a lot of horizon mounts here, but their problem is they do not go low enough, so for my C/circular, I use a polar mount an my lowest sat that I can lock is some data TP's on AlanticBird-2 an for me that is right a 5-degrees of elevation, but can lock an view Exspess AM44 just fine here. now for you being in Pensyvania you elevation will be higher than mine here, do to you being farter to the east in the country from me here in Fla.
    an if you do some channel checking on lnysat, they don't even come close as far as what is over their, a S2 blind scanner is almost a must to have for the eastern sats these days.
    once you set up a eastern sat system you will wish you would of did a long time before now.

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