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Thread: DirecTV only getting odd numbered transponders

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    DirecTV only getting odd numbered transponders

    I just got a used oval satellite dish with two LNB's (one for sat at 101 and the other for 119) from a tenant that left it behind before they moved from my apartment. I'm trying to install it at my home right now. I have two Sony SAT-B50 Receivers. It seems like this receiver only supports one satellite, is that right? when I go to the installation menu, it does not have an option for an oval antenna installation.
    anyways, I tried to find the satellite and could not find it. I have a very clear view to the SW, (Im located in Fort Lauderdale, FL).
    so what i did is take out the integrated multiswitch and connect the receiver directly to one LNB. Now I was able to find a satellite (I think is the 101) however Im only able to receive signals from odd numbered transponders 1,3,5,7 etc, up to 31. but when I switch to even numbered transponders I do not get a signal at all.
    I bought a signal amplifier and that did not solve the problem. I used the second LNB to test if it was the LNB causing the problem, But it was not.
    I checked the voltage coming out of the cable and I get 14.3 V for odd transponders and 18.4 for even transponders, so it seems like the receiver its supplying the right voltage. what could be wrong?
    do you think it is the multiswitch that I took out, maybe the LNB's works only with the multiswitch.
    any hints guys?

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    I don't think SAT-B50 support oval dish with 2 LNBs. SAT-B55 will.

    Why don't you call DirecTV and ask them.

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    Thats what you will get without the switch.

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    Do you have any splitters in your cable? If you do you will get this same problem.
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    Sounds to me as if there is some sort of cabling problem. Apparently the cable is working well enough to send the 13v but not the 18v. If you are using a flat cable to come through a window or door this could be the culprit. It could also be the use of RG-59, a splitter, crappy fittings, compressed cable(by a staple or sharp bend) etc etc etc... GOOD LUCK

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    You should be able to get one satellite without the multiswitch.No even transponders usually means a short in the wire somewhere.

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