Hey gang...haven't posted a lot lately...kinda backed off the satellite world a bit and got into other things the past year or so (mostly work, hehe)

Anyways...hadn't upgraded any of my receivers since the 622 first came out, and hadnt changed any of the Dishes themselves since I had added the wing dish right after Voom came along. I lurked around the board occasionally and knew I was missing some of the newer HD channels, but nothing I couldn't live without. All along I was waiting on the 922 to mature a bit before I did any upgrades. Lately, Dish started nagging me about changing out my Dishes because of the HD channels moving. First letters, then phone calls. Finally caved and called them back. I knew from reading on here the 922 still wasnt the greatest, and had received an offer of a free 722 upgrade in the meantime as well, so I figured I'd get the dish upgraded and receiver at the same time while I was off this week.

Called the special number on the letter and set it up...they were to upgrade the dishes, and swap my old 311 for a 722k (thus keeping the 622 and 211 I already had). After a bit of "discussion", he agreed that I should have Eastern Arc, since the 311 was coming off the account. Setup the appt for today.

Installers arrived on time. After reading on here, I made sure they had a 722k first thing as I had asked for (and bought the OTA module for). They got it out of the box, and let me hook it up, as I think the one guy was a bit intimidated by all the wiring in my setup.

Once finished, they started packing up to leave so I mentioned the new Dish they were to do...and they looked at me like I had six heads. First tried to tell me my setup was the correct setup for this area. After I explained the HD channels were moving off 61.5, he said OK, but then said it wasnt on the work order. (Yeah...the part that prompted the service call to begin with, and yet the CSR never added to the work order. Nice!) The installer agrees to call Dish to have the work order changed, and resehedule the Dish install, because there was too much snow/ice on the roof (Which I did agree that it would be unsafe). He spoke to one CSR for a good 15 minutes and got nowhere. Finally asked for a different dept...explained it all to another CSR and then handed me the phone so I could explain it too. That CSR finally agreed and rescheduled for Thurs. The installers were actually very friendly thru it all...just thought it funny to watch the installer play CSR roulette like the rest of us.

Anyways...interesting that things haven't changed much @ E* while I was out of the loop. CSR confusion apparently still reigns supreme!