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Thread: DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

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    Question DirecTV offers to customers who complain about dropped Viacom channels

    Can anyone share an experiences they have had when they call DirecTV to complain about the loss of Viacom channels from their lineup? Have the CSRs offered any discounts/offers to customers? I assume these offers would change over time the longer this dispute is drawn out.

    It's already been mentioned that DirecTV is turning on Encore channels until July 31st:


    All 8 ‪#Encore‬ Chs including ‪#EncoreFamily‬ will be available to ALL customers through July 31st Ch: 535-542 ‪#DIRECTVhasmyback
    I believe someone mentioned in the previous Viacom thread they got a monthly discount when they called. Anyone have any other info?

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    just for giggles i called to see what my cancellation fee would be

    30 minutes on hold. directv is getting salmmed with calls

    i did not ask for anything but was offered $5 off for 1 month
    i did ask her not to put it on

    i hat losing channels, dont really care about these in particular, just the principle

    when the rep stated they are trying to keep our price down, i said i appreiciate that, and asked if they couldnt come to an agreement would out price reflect that. as we are talking 18channels, not just 1
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    I'm happy about getting encore for a bit, but it is disappointing that only one is HD

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    It's nice of D* offering everyone these channels, but what do the people who sub to these channels get?

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    I have platinum so I already get Encore. I sent them an email, we'll see. I told them I don't want a PPV coupon (NEVER used PPV in 4+ years nor game lounge either - the things they want to give!). Just give me a $10-20 credit, that'll work.
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    Wow they must like me, I got $10 off per month for 12 months, starz for free for 6 months, and NFL Sunday Ticket for $99. So I come out $20 ahead after a year... All I did was say i'd like to cancel due to the Viacom dispute.. I was not expecting to get all that thrown at me.

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