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Thread: Las Vegas NV OTA questions - tv-tech challenged

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    All, thank you for the helpful info! Big Help!
    Update - Was able to rescan and get Cozi which here is an NBC subchannel. Reception is sketchy. Goes from 0 to 63 in seconds. Unfortunately, the guide never populates for any Vegas local channels. Not sure why that is.

    For both brands of rabbit ears, similar results for both. Almost zero reception non amplified both plugged directly into tv as well as plugged into receiver antenna in Definitely pickup most locals with amplification/booster plugged in with power. Cozi is sketchy and only came thru after placing rabbit ears in window seal. Not a pretty setup! I don't understand the 'multipath' issue in prior post, but assuming I need booster to pick up any locals at all perhaps the issue here has nothing to do with multipath?

    I'm onto researching exterior antenna, and want something reliable that picks up the VHF 4+PBS which the rabbit ears with booster picks up well with pixelization happening a few times a day. But for NBC also want 'low band' and pick up NBC's 2 subchannels including CoziTv. I hope whatever reliable antenna I can find that works great for Vegas, I can hire a handiperson to install cause I definitely cannot handle. Seems best would be something that mounts ontop of my satellite, like the old Terk I had for many years before digital came along and blew it out of the water. Haven't heard of a digital version of the Terk. That way would not need to run new wires into the house and seems more efficient instead of poking more holes in the home. If anyone has any advice, would be greatly appreciative.

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    I've been wanting to contribute to this but I was too lazy to register but finally broke down and manned up heh

    I think I might be able to help. I ditched cable last year here in the valley. I tried 8 different antennas trying to get as many channels as possible. I tried everything from indoor flat antennas to a $200 giant directional one from Fry's (biggest pos ever...lol). In the end I finally found
    this antenna

    that worked. I tried it both on the SW side of town at my house, my friends house in Summerlin and my parents in Henderson. All three locations picked up 68-73 channels total on the channel count (including all sub channels in the total). All 3 locations picked up channel 3!

    Finally I won the war!! The antenna was tested both inside and out. It worked best indoors as close to any window as possible (all channels except for channel 3 worked from inside the atic...could be because all 3 homes have a radiant roof barrier?). All 3 locations it worked great outside about 6 ft off the ground attached to a wood post (you just have to figure out a power run if you keep it ouside). Obviously based on the tests it would work great on the roof. Since it's omni directional you don't have to worry so much about which direction it is facing. I'd just make sure you do your best to give it the most open view possible and you are good

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    I want to repeat what was said earlier about posting your TVFool reports for us. Reception is very dependent on location. What works for TheSaInt may not work for you. One factor which will influence your choice is whether the towers are all in the same direction, or scattered all over. If they are all in the same direction, a yagi type antenna that covers UHF and full range VHF is probably your best choice. Which one depends on signal strength, but a good bet is to stay with established brands such as Channelmaster and Winegard. I would recommend staying away from the antennas that look like they are straight out of Star Trek. They are generally all style and usually poor performers.

    Do you still have that Terk hooked up? If so, give it a try. This whole thing about "Digital antenna" or "HD Antenna" is marketing hype. TV stations transmit on a certain frequency and antennas are designed to pick up signals at that frequency. They don't care what the signal looks like (analog, digital or HD), only the frequency. If the Terk worked before, it likely will work again.

    One other thing. You mention recieving via a DISH 211. You need to know that if you discontinue DISH service, they are going to ask that you return that unit. Even if you didn't, they wouled disable it including the OTA receiver. You need to make sure that your TV can receive digital TV signals. Most sets made before 2006 cannot receive the digital signals directly and need some sort of converter. Further, the cheap converters out there only output a low quality signal, not HDTV. Bottom line is that you might need a new TV as well. If you can give us model numbers on your TV, we can advise there as well.

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    Get an outdoor antenna. The reception websites are good, but you have to remember that you have to take into effect line of sight, other buildings, your building type (brick or whatever) and if the broadcast towers are in the same general location. With the new digital signal, you can be off by a little when pointing and get nothing. Using a compass will help you point. Just remember, getting the compass too close to metal will mess up the compass some. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSa|nt View Post
    All three locations picked up 68-73 channels total on the channel count (including all sub channels in the total). All 3 locations picked up channel 3!
    first to you and chelita
    the channel count is about right. amazing remember 3 only.
    so chelita how is it going ?
    got 2 like this here


    ch 3 is the weakest once you got that maxed out tighten it up all stations will come in.
    there is a guy on craigslist who installs don't know anything about him.
    good luck

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    I'd try removing the booster and see what happens.

    Putting a booster on rabbit ears is asking for trouble; especially if the signals are strong. Boosters are best used with antennas that are highly directional and ONLY when they are needed.

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