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Thread: What can and can't I do with a FTA receiver such as the AZ Box?

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    some good advice here. but mine is get away fast.
    some here call this a Hobby (hate that) this is alot of things but not a Hobby imho
    look here nothing about US there.(and don't add it now) LOL


    edit: Fishing not on that list thought that was one. it's there lower
    People watching Really??

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    One thing that many don't understand about FTA is that it is not a "service". It is a hodgepodge of uplinked satellite programs spread across more than a dozen visible satellites across the sky. The programming comes from many sources, usually professional broadcasters uplinking programming to other broadcast or cable professionals. These are the wild news feeds, sports events, and backhaul programs being sent to network affiliates and cable headends.

    These programs are not meant for consumers to receive, we are just picking them up as the network affiliates or cable headends would. Very little FTA up there is meant for consumer reception. Most end-user programming is on Galaxy 19 at 97W, and is ethnic programming for reception by Globecast subscribers.

    With that said, I have been receiving FTA satellite since 2005, and would never want to give it up. There's always something to see, although its rarely the kind of programming you'd expect from a premium cable tier. Those channels are occasionally available, but usually don't stay unscrambled for long.
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    For most of us that have been in the satellite industry or hobby for many years there is an irony that exists. Actually watching TV is not why most of us do it. We like the toys (equipment) and even better spending untold hours trying to get it to work.

    Finding a wild feed of a fast breaking news story is what we live for. I would much rather watch a back haul feed of the reporters and crew getting ready to go live at the Academy Awards than actually watching the show itself.
    If it was about actually watching TV I would simply call my local cable company and be done with it.

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