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Thread: In September 2012, a Uruguayan presidential decree banned the sale of AZBox STBs and other similar brands...

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    In September 2012, a Uruguayan presidential decree banned the sale of AZBox STBs and other similar brands...

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    Guess I won't be buying that vacation home down there then lol.
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    Just to clarify that the AzBox devices they are referring to are the unofficial clone models made in China such as Bravoo, Bravissimo and NewGen+ which are used extensively for satellite piracy in South America. This is similar to the Dreambox DM-100 V2 and the Dreambox DM-500-S clones which are discontinued Dream Multimedia models but are currently still being manufactured in China and are used extensively for satellite piracy in the North American market. It seems that by using a legitimate receiver brand to clone, the satellite pirates believe they can hide themselves better.


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    This is not correct. AZBox was the original and most popular theft of service STB in South America. They were transported to South America through the original North America AZBox distributor in South Florida.

    There is no mistake about the AZBox ban in several South American countries. I believe this is the 4th country in the past year to specifically identify in legal documents, ban importation and destroy AZBoxes and the clones.

    You are correct that they also identify the other brands that rode the coat tails of the original theft of service STB that has hacked South America subscription services for the past 5 years.

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