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Thread: Canīt Catch MeTV in SES1

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    Thanks Guys.
    This morning I dedicated almos 3 hours trying to find MeTV in SES1. I used my MicroHD with the channel already scanned (As I told before, I was watching these channels some 2 months ago) to try to find the signal, and nothing happened. Then I used my old Pansat 2700A. This receiver has a very good and fast response for showing changes in the signal bar indicator when you catch a Transponder beam (much better than MicroHD for this issue). Nevertheless, happened the same: No signal found. Tired and frustrated, finally aimed the dish again to Galaxy 16.
    My conclusion here is that in my lattitud (29N, 106W), I will need a bigger dish (3m) to catch this signals whithout problem. I just tried and tried because I was watching those channels before. Same thing happened with the channel "eScapes" in G16. 2 Months ago I was able to catch it, and now it is rare when the MicroHD can lock it. Maybe the strong winds of February affected the parabolic shape in some way.

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    A 1.8m won't be as reliable as a larger dish and may have periods where it 'works' and other times where it won't. More susceptible to adjacent interference. And getting everything 'just right' requires a lot of patience.
    Feed centered and square to the dish. Focal distance optimized, etc.
    Maybe spend some time on 99 getting the Q absolutely maximized. Then, if there's improvement, try 101 again(?)

    You can check if the winds have warped the dish with a couple of strings. One across the face vertical, and another at 90° to it. The strings should just touch where they cross. Then place the vertical string at a 45 across the face, and another 90 to it. Again, strings should just touch where they cross.
    For a larger dish, Keep an eye on the thread more Craigslist dishes for your perusal One may be within reach.
    Good luck and happy hunting.
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    Well with my 5-8" dish in Puerto Rico I am watching it

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