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Thread: New DirecTV Install - Locals breaking up

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonUrban View Post
    Now that you mention it, he did say he was only installing 3 LNBs, but that's all I would need, since I could not "see" the older sats.

    DirecTV sent the guy, so I guess it was a crap shoot who I got.

    When he installed the system, I told him I had a hub right where the Genie was going, but he told me he only had a wireless cinema kit, and that's what I was going to get. I told him the wireless signal was weak in that part of the house, but he said it would be fine. It wasn't.

    I called DTV and at first they told me that I would have to pay $200+ to get a guy to come out and install a wired kit. I asked for retention, and that guy said he'd send me a wired kit to install myself. When I got the shipping confirmation, I saw it was ANOTHER wireless kit.

    I called DTV again, and once again got a fairly beligerent person who declared that I would indeed have to pay $200+ dollars to get someone to come out and install the wired kit because the hard wired kit HAD to be installed by a tech. Again, I asked for retention, and this time they said they'd send a guy out for "free".

    I watched him wire in the wired kit, and there was nothing to it. I really don't understand why they insist that a tech has to come out to install the damn thing.
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    just to be positive here, I think it was hinted at, but is your dish setup a swm3? because if you are not getting sd locals (on the 119, yes lowest satellite) one thing that some techs dont know is when a 5lnb lnbf is installed the guide data is also downloaded off the 119, which will reak hell upon the entire install, using a swm3 will force the guide data to the 101. That could be your issue, do us a favor and go take a look at your dish, and physically count the number of "white feed horns" on the end of the arm, if you only have 1 visible white feed horn you have a swm3 which sounds to me is what you need do to line of sight. If you have 3 physical white feed horns (yea i know kinda confusing) you have a swm5. If you do happen to have the swm5 installed then god help you explain that to directv you need your lnb swapped for those reasons, as most hsps are told to no line of sight cancel and order that is not capable of receiving all channels (if if hd counterparts are on an unrelated and perfectly fine working satellite) your best bet would be to find someone local to come swap it for you in that case.
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