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Thread: Why I like G-17 KU bird

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    I would also agree, if something is going on, I will scan 91W first.

    Of course, I have noticed a marked decline in news and sports feeds in the last couple of years (haven't seen a good car chase in a long time!).

    I found a list that I made in 2007 where I ranked the various (17) satellites that I scanned, and 91W was in the top five for both news and sports feeds. Interestingly, the satellite I ranked as number one at the time for both news and sports feeds, is one that no longer has a satellite in that slot, 79W. As well, another satellite slot that is gone, 74W, was also ranked in the top five for both news and sports feeds.

    Since I am talking about lost Ku linear satellites, I certainly can't forget to mention 129W (though I believe I only ever scanned in just a couple of sports feeds)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by N5XZS View Post
    Well this bird, has lot's of interesting raw feeds! More than any birds that I know of!!

    You thinks that's true or it's there a better birds that's carry more raw feeds?
    I like the feeds on AMC16 better overall. G17 Ku is a close second only because some of the transponders that used to be for occ video feeds are filling up with data transmissions lately so there are fewer transponders for sports and other occ feeds than there used to be just 2-3 months ago.

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