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Thread: Only getting a few channels on Galaxy 19

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    Yes, you're very close. I setup a Ku motorized FTA dish for the first time in February and I was surprised at how little you have to move the dish before it's aimed at another satellite it seemed less than inches in any given direction. A little movement is all it takes.

    When you install a motor adjust carefully to maximize reception once you found your true south satellite in order to get the best signals possible across the arc.

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    Good Morning,

    Well this morning I was only able to hit 101W, 99W and 95W. I noticed that my Tripod was not staying level as the grass and dirt were soft. After an hour of going back and forth (and having to go visit family an hour away and I'm leaving tonight) I decided to just wait a couple of weeks on my motor. Then I can mount this on the concrete pad in the backyard! Thanks again for all of your help, and i'll keep you posted on my final setup once it's done (and then maybe a BUD system in the near future!)



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    That's very good. You're getting a feel of how very little spacing there is between the satellites. For a motorized setup, you will definitely have to have a stable, plumb mount. You will get 97W in no time if you picked up both 95 and 99

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