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Thread: Charlie Chat ReCap June 11th, 2007

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    Charlie Chat ReCap June 11th, 2007

    Charlie Chat Recap June, 11th
    Hosts Charlie Ergen and Jim DeFranco

    Talks about the New Premium Channel CinemaxHD
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    Continued HD Superiority
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    . 2 satellite launches
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    32 national channels available

    Now Available
    Channel: 9458 and 310
    CinemaxHD "See It Saturday"
    X-Men: The Last Stand Available now
    Poseiden: Ava Now
    Superman Returns: June 16,
    Lady in the Water: June 23,
    Idlewild: June 30,
    Miami Vice July 7,
    The Departed: August 25th

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    In the Spotlight:
    A&E Mindfreak with Criss Angel
    clip of Criss Angel

    ITV Video with Scott Higgins
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    Channel 100

    PPV talk, Click Here
    WWE: Vengeance Live Sunday June 24,
    channels: 455/472
    Click Here
    Dish on Demand talk
    Preview showroom talk
    John From Cincinnati coming on HBO clip
    Entourage , Big Love talk
    Jim Ferguson talks about Surfs Up movie

    sound bytes below

    Q: E-Mail /Martin from Tulsa
    Congratulations on the Dish car winning, I've heard Dish is in talks to take over the sponsorship of the Busch Series , is that a possibility?
    A: Actually I don't know, we haven't signed anything...
    Q: E-Mail/Jim
    When will the External USB HDD be enabled in HD Dvr's
    A: Tech chat next month we will go over it, look for August or Late Summer rollout.
    Q: E-Mail/Duane
    Does your HD from Dishnetwork come in 1080p or 1080i?
    A: We broadcast in the signal we are provided with1080i and 720p.
    Q: Phone/Henry
    2 questions for you guys-1. DirecTv is claiming they are going to launch 100 HD channels 2. What happened with the negotiations with MLB?
    A: 2.We made MLB an offer they chose to sign a exclusive contract with DirecTv and Cable got the network.
    1. Theres not 100 channels of HD available, we hope to stay the HD leader and are in negotiations with all new HD providers.
    Eric Sahl: We are talking to the top rated SD networks in negotiations for several, I think you will see a very positive announcment on those. SmithsonianHD and others are coming out, there are just not that many HD channels out there.

    Stu Ostro from the weather channel talks about the weather channel and the upcoming Hurricane season.

    Winner of the Bose Giveaway: Thomas Berchin won with his answer "The Departed"

    Next Tech Forum
    Monday August 13,
    Channel 101

    Next Charlie Chat
    September 10,
    Channel 101

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Name:	Continued HD superiority.JPG 
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Name:	DishHD Local markets.JPG 
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Name:	HD Lineup of channels.JPG 
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Name:	HD Lineup of channels1.JPG 
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Name:	HonoluluHD.JPG 
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Name:	100 Bonus Offer.JPG 
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Name:	Anchorage AK.JPG 
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Name:	Dishdvr advantage.JPG 
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Name:	HD equipment upgrade offers.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ITV.JPG 
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Name:	PPV.JPG 
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Name:	Regional Sports networks in HD.JPG 
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Name:	PiP1.JPG 
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    Did they increase the price of the 622 from $149 to $199? That's so weird, because I ended up paying $149 for the 622 last week..

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    no new news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guerra View Post
    Did they increase the price of the 622 from $149 to $199? That's so weird, because I ended up paying $149 for the 622 last week..
    Yep...they sure did.

    Ugh. Waited/held-out too long to upgrade my 625 to a 622, huh
    "You know, Smithers, 'I told you so' has a brother, and his name is 'Shut the hell up!'" -- Monty Burns

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    you can get RSNs in SD & HD w/ top 100 "plus" or top 200

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    I'm glad Charlie reiterated what so many on both sides cannot accept. THERE WILL NOT BE 100 HD NATIONALS THIS YEAR!
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